Playoff Lebron for 120k PS4 a good deal?

Will I be able to resell him for a profit?

Not really

That’s ok. I think playoffs lebron will sell for a bit more.

Maybe like 4K profit after taxes or something

What is the best time to put him up?

Is playoffs LeBron better than diamond MJ on a stacked team?

Yes, he’s really good because of his size.

What’s the best time to put him up?

24 hours right now or post in 10 hours for 12 hours

Thanks, just posted him for 24 hours.

Good choice, unlikely to get a big content drop between now and then

They both are awesome for me. it’s kinda of a pick your poison. they both give each other scoring opportunities due to the fact they cam both hurt you.

Thanks guys! He’s at 146700 with 20 minutes left.

[TL;DR]: Yes, without question (especially when factoring in the difference in MT they cost).

2" height makes him much more versatile defensively & fits in perfectly with a switch-all defensive scheme.

He’s in the same tier as driving as MJ. He’s an even better shooter. He’s a better rebounder. Defensively, he’s slightly worse at perimeter D, but he’s also more versatile (so they sort-of cancel out, IMO). LBJ can legit play 1-4; he plays them WELL. MJ is somewhat viable at the 1, definitely viable at the 2, and even less valuable at the 3. He can’t play the 4 (without HUGE glaring disadvantages) at all though.