Playoff Cards

Wonder what people thought about them and if they found any real unexpected good ones?

I do feel bad for those that tried to invest in them. While in principle it sounded like a great idea where you would bet whether a team and a player would flourish in the playoffs, it just does not seem to have worked out that way despite the cards actually being fairly good (unlike the base cards or, as in the past, Heat cards).

So far the best players I have found have been Caldwell-Pope and Bruce Brown. Both are really good, especially Caldwell-Pope who has one of the best shots in 2K23. Nice that I packed both cards for free.

De’andre Hunter is another favorite of mine. I could never win his diamond in the challenge, so really happy to just buy his PD and then evolve him to a GO. That card is really really good (reminds me of his card from last year).

Derrick White surprised me as a good card. Kyle Lowry ended up to be a great card to use during limited this weekend. For this reason, I may not evolve him until it really is needed.

So far, almost all of the cards I have I packed which makes having them for free extra good (nice to have good odds to get reasonable cards that seem very useful). The only cards that I have bought have been Lowry (for this past weekend), Hunter, and I just was able to get a non evolved Jokic for under 100K. Not sure if I made a mistake with the latter, but after 2 evolves he is good as his OOP card and I would rather use him at PF than at PG. I am also betting that when he and the Nuggets do well in the finals, 2K will give him an evolve into an invincible player. However, it is tempting to get Butler in case it is the Heats that win, but I packed an untradeable OOP Butler so do not want to get a similar card, esp since I really like using my Butler at PG.

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I love them so far I have Murray brunson maxey bane martin walker Vanderbilt looney lebron. I use them all except Vanderbilt and maxey. I hope there is another Evo for Murray. Brunson was sick last season but they have appeared to nerf him which sucks. Walker looney and LeBron when they all have take good luck scoring they are crazy on defense, my only complaint is the stamina of the lebron card I know he’s damn near 40 but this is a video game if Ben Simmons can shoot 3s lebron shouldn’t get tired in the first quarter of an unlimited game, definitely still trying to get the playoff joker too just haven’t been able to snipe one yet


How good is this new update for Caleb Martin? He looks amazing.

Are you selling or keeping?

He’s really good I think but I don’t know how I feel about his position cuz I play a lot of tto and to me he seems like he should be a sg but that’s jus my opinion

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Fun card, I bought a Ruby yesterday for 9k and evolved him, just massively undersized.

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I watched a YouTube video think DBG he said he’s a lot like luka. I don’t have nor have I used luka to know but I wouldn’t argue I guess lol