Playing TTO in EU

Is same as eating rat poison. Need to make a bit of MT, but gosh are people toxic.


Fax ai maks worse

You on for a friendly?

I am from EU bro. + i prefer to keep my tag to myself :frowning:

Lol that was @Carlo221

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It’s very up and down for me. I’ve just been playing for a couple of days but I’m either doing really well and going up to 4 balls and then losing or losing 4 in a row out of nowhere

Its not even the losing, people acting like turds all the time lol.

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Haha I have people constantly pausing the game and shit even if they are winning. I’m always like dude you can stop with the pausing I’m not gonna quit.

offball festival

It’s come to a point where you almost have to do it because you are only fucking yourself over because you know everybody else is doing it too. I just switch between on and off ball depending how the other guy is playing. All those dudes pulling up from half court on a inbound off balling doesn’t help at all.

What i hate is that they took out auto contest when you on ball, just more power to cheesers.

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Been up almos 25hr heck no

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Have you ever considered changin your nick as “Faxxo221” ?