Playing TTO and asking myself... why

Seriously these boards need to be permanently improved ASAP. When you go a full board without seeing any packs or tokens its like, what’s the point?

Same goes for MTU. I don’t have Rudy yet but he doesn’t crack my lineup, so why am I grinding for 25 tokens and a card I don’t need?

At least with MTU I enjoy the 5 on 5 gameplay, but the rewards are ancient versus the current average lineup quality. But I’m not crazy about TTO gameplay…

When the fuck are these clowns gonna up the tokens permanently? Damn


Right. The 15, 25, 75 tokens should’ve stayed on boards permanently. I mean it’s 2 months left…


Even the GO token cards are like worse than BIN auctionable ones. What are they afraid of by increasing token rewards across the board??

i need 150 tokens for limited card and these boards are brutal


I just got my first tokens from nearly two full boards

It might be back to TT offline grinding for us

Fuck my life

ugh that sucks. i might grind mtu

Should’ve never clicked on this thread. I’ve been getting lots of boards with 3 & 5 tokens or packs. Last board just had 2 diamond packs and 10 tokens but only had 1 drop. Jinxed myself now

They’re afraid we won’t rush to 2k20.

They really never have a plan when it comes to doing things. The rewards for winning is so random. Your boards should get better as you move up in ball drops. I cant remember how many times I got 5 ball drops & the board is full of MT & bronze slots.

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I beat someone by 55 yesterday and they didnt quit. idk whats faster for tokens

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last board missed 10 tokens this board just now missed 5 Whats the fuckin point!!! add a got damn permanent reward for tokens

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How about AT FUCKING LEAST guaranteeing tokens appear on every drop. At least one slot. 3 tokens or something. You’re not even guaranteed to get them!!! Especially if they’re not even there

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One thing I know is this shit is infuriating

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They only put reward cards up that ppl who spend money on the game won’t use long term. I guarantee if Rudy was auctionable he would have HOF limitless range. Now that I think about it there wasn’t 1 MTU reward with HOF limitless. They save those for ppl who buy VC. That new KD would never be a reward card cuz ppl will pay so much money for him on they squad

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Na I’m goin for limited lebron I get the best lebron every year

Just missed 10 tokens fuck. Best drops are always on Ls smh

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The boards should be best if you go undefeated when you get to the 5 ball drop.

I hate clearing the boards undefeated and being rewarded with a bronze pack, all mt and one token.

Then when you get back to the one ball drop you have a 10 token slot and a diamond slot on opposite corners.


That is almost exactly what I have right now lol 10 tokens and diamond pack opposite sides

Annnnnd silver pack

i only play so much tto cause i dont lose

Finally hit a generation next pack and boom! Ruby Miles Bridges. That’s some next level ass