Playing this game now after a long time!

played this game with my friends in college , being wowed at the graphics back then ( before Crysis ) and the one spec ops I played over and over again - O Cristo Redentor .

Never bothered with the campaign back then but I am getting into it now :slight_smile:


You always have change in front of your monitor/tv lol

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The campaign was great. I think those codes are the only games where i played them.

Haha I travel to work by bus that’s why !!

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I played modern warfare’s campaign , wasn’t that memorable , but I have heard great things about this one

I liked both.

What currency is that? I meant to ask the last pic you posted lol

call of duty 4 modern warfare was one of my favorite campaigns ever so fucking good

The first boat mission, the ghillies in the mist sniper mission just to name a few. wow memories man

It’s Indian currency that is a 50 and 10 rupee note

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Yeah , this game has so many memorable missions , it’s just unbelievable , they hit it out of the park with this game , I have played spec ops for 2 years , that’s mind blowing if you think about gaming in general right now with game modes trying so hard to capture our interest

Cool deal. Just curious since I couldn’t recognize the coins. I’ve seen various foreign currencies but couldn’t identify those

Ya they just introduced the new design last year , honestly I hate the new design , but it is what it is