Playing that Annoying Ass YouTuber Ambishh

Let’s see how he cheeses lol.

Are you guys fucking debating about NBA basketball while you play 2K?

I can’t believe you’re doing that. And…I can’t believe I think that’s weird. :joy:

Up by 11 in the second quarter. Jerry has been D-ing up Lonzo and PD Harden like it’s his lifelong goal.

Yeah, nice work with Kareem on Durant in 5-out, too.

You watching?

Is he streaming?

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Yeah, you’re Michael’s Disciple?

Yes I am!

You’re killing him lol

I’m not sleepin on this game tho. My players aren’t playing too well.

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I’m going to take 5 timeouts in a row. And wait through all of them.



Funny! Lol

Ambishh getting frustrated lol

I got here late. Did he have Bron at the 1? So you put boogie on him?

78-57, sorry I had to mop the floor with his 5-out ass. Jerry West and Wade are top notch PG’s.


Good W! Exposed his ass

He 5-outed with Durant and Bron at times who were both playing the 4. I D’d them up way too hard with Boogie and Kareem, it was gross.

Proud of you DaNali. Exposing how trash he actual is

Thanks all. Just stay in it and utilize PG’s with high steal rates and HoF pick pocket. That’s why West and Wade were solid on Lonzo and PD Harden.