Playing limited is actually very rewarding

Normally i stop playing once i got the ring but i got blake already so i do not have much to do anyway
but limited reward is actually op with all the packs, amy player pack, token, etc.
i think it might be the most rewarding game mode if you finish season reward and all the challenges, way better than TT online

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What are the best rewards you´ve gotten so far besides rings? Is it just about packs? When you play a full game and only get a contracts pack or 1 token, it´s not very rewarding. Or are there any other possible rewards?

some opponent will just quit after a quarter
but from the past 5 games:
amy player pack > current steph curry
loyalty pack > ruby steph curry
sleepers pack > random bronze
dunkers pack > random bronze

too me less than an hour to finish 5 games combining all the quits
The thing is ttonline ball drops take forever, and only the highest tier is rewarding

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Rewards are good. Just to sweaty for me

Connection for me yesterday was so laggy, defence was non existent, shot timing was poop. Everyone just sprinted to the rim. No matter how rewarding, if it ain’t fun to play I’m getting my ring and getting out

I played 1 Limited Game since launch.

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I did the math with this mode including the price of contracts and it’s not worth it. You really gotta be hitting on those packs and it just doesn’t happen overtime…once u get 1 token etc u start losing MT. The cost of contracts is too high vs TTO.

Only way its worth it if u hit a big prize eventually.