Players with reliable jumpers?

Give me some names please, regardless of position, cause so far I can only trust Ferguson. Even Klay, Eddie Jones and Lafrentz are bricking everything :man_facepalming:t2:

Kukoc, Porzingis, Bjelica, Melo, KD…

I’m hoping this Em JRich will be. Just 2 games in though…

Porzingis and Bjelica are bricking too, just slightly less, so I don’t know about that. Is Kukoc better than these two?

Eddie Jones is a green machine for me.

I’m about to choose my 3rd sapphire token reward rigt know and I need a shooter, who is the best of them? Kukoc, Anderson, Starks, Ricky Pierce, Marciulionis or Hughes?

I didn’t played with them enough to say, but his release is really good

depends on what kind of shooter you need, but Starks and Kukoc are the best ones from your list

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Kyrie is pretty wet for me

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And staph t ferg

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I just need the most reliable shooter, I can run plays for them so position doesn’t matter. But I was thinking about these two or Anderson.

Klay is better than all of them but if u can’t get him I say Kukoc, just know that he is a pretty bad defender

I’ll try with Starks first (then Kukoc), he doesn’t have this shitty steady shooter badge so maybe it will help.

I have Klay, he’s bricking everything for me :confused: (and I loved his release last year…)

Yeah, Ferguson is the best shooter in this game by far.

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Marciulionis release is great but he is one of the worst defenders I’ve seen in the game

Wow, that’s weird, his def stats are decent and he was always a pretty good 2-way player in previous games. But yeah, everything is possible this year.

Isaiah rider has gold quickdraw with LeBron’s jumper

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Yeah, I know, he’s one of the better ones. I like Wade’s release too, just have to evolve him more.

I got to the Ruby rewards and Barbosa and Ray Allen are money so far for me. Ray Allen is finally a green machine. Barbosa can get bullied more, but he is also super fast if you need a PG with a crap load of badges. Ray Allen feels like the better shooter/defender of the two.

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