Players in modern nba who could break wilts 100 point game

For me personally I think that wilts 100 point record can be broken in my lifetime the players I can see easily scoring 100 or more point is …

1.james harden
2.dame lillard

As most of them except giannis had easily scored 50 in a game and still been benched if the damn coaches let them stay on the floor dame and harden would easily score 100 or more anyone else that could possibly score that many points in a single game ?

Not sure about Wilts 100 but Kobes 81 can be beat. Ive seen Harden drop almost 60 and sit the 4th quarter.


Bubble warren


I certainly think there’s players with the ability to, but it’s going to take some special circumstances to warrant them playing enough mins to do it.

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In 10 years when the whole bucks team sucks, donte divichenzo turns out to suck, and Bledsoe retires, maybe

Klay had 60 points in 29 minutes and scored 37 in a quarter. Probably won’t ever score a 100 but those were some of the most prolific scoring displays of recent memory along with Harden.


Kobe’s 81 was more impressive than Wilts 100 don’t @ me.


If it could be done “easily” someone would have done it.

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I could see Harden doing it. Dame for sure.

D Book already got the 3rd highest game right? He could catch fire…

Giannis would be tough until he gets a solid Trey ball. But he’s one of a kind so I can see it.

Speaking of Trey, Mr Young could ignite behind the line and get there. Same for Chef.

Lastly, I’ll say Beal

Why beat 100 When 81 have not been beaten yet

I think these players can reach 81

  1. Harden
  2. Lillard
  3. Booker
  4. Klay
  5. Beal

2013-2014 Kevin Love 40 every night 50 sometime miss you :’(

Giannis would average 100 points

If Klay Thompson gets hot against a bad defensive team and Steve Kerr actually plays him the entire game, then it’s possible.

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Harden for sure

giannis never reaching 60

the 100 will never be beaten unless there is some crazy circumstance, however harden could get 81 for sure, he’s the only one i can actually imagine going for 80+

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The reality of Wilt’s 100 is that his team was making it happen for him. Every pass was going to him and they were fouling over and over to extend the game. It’s still cool but the legend is more impressive than the reality.

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  1. Mo Bamba
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Greatest individual single game scoring performance ever

Kobe’s 81 will always be better than wilt’s 100