Players Club Eric Paschall Code!


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Can’t wait for my emerald card I can’t even quicksell


Better odds than my daily login free packs still. Lol

Man would love the opal, but know I’m getting the emerald.

You’re getting the amy. :muscle:t2:

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I’ve been saying how bad I want an opal Paschall on this forum all year, so I’m going to be so mad when I grab this emerald or amy.


I’ve pulled so many of the Amy from the TTO packs.

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Y’all remember when locker codes actually gave you something decent.


All of our kinsmen will be. :rofl:

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These aren’t even worth punching in, literally got the worst one every time.

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Especially in JULY!


I realize I won’t get the Opal but that card would be fun. Loved the PD honestly.

They could’ve put all of these on boards so there’s actually a chance of getting the opals…


Logic…2K. Lol

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The sad part is… the opal isn’t even that good

The only reason they don’t give it away is the false sense of uninformed players that all opals are generally as good as each other and if they gave free opals to everyone that it would hurt pack sales. That’s the only reason…

This opal is really like an average PD at best

Well at least I didnt get the emerald

2k with the quick L


This is easily the greatest idea 2k has had, with the worst exicution… they should had made all these cards evos… and you just got one of them :man_shrugging:t2:


Lol who in their right mind is gonna evo a card in July

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Last chance to pull an Opal from these boys!