Player(s) with Crazy Badge Combos

I like to play TTOnline. So, since there are only 3 players on the court at a time, I feel like I am constantly searching for good players with really good badge combinations. I’m always looking for players who, in particular, have: Dimer, Floor General, and Defensive Leader so that it benefits the other 2 players on the court and Clamps too, if possible. There are a few out there, but they are primarily 6’ PGs. So it sucks when they get matched against a 6’9" dude.

This morning I was mindlessly looking at older collections and players’ badges when I (re)found a player with:
Dimer (Gold)
Floor General (Gold)
Quick Draw (Gold)
Difficult Shots (Gold)

Defensive Leader (Gold)
Clamps (Bronze)
Rim Protector (Bronze)
Intimidator (Gold)
Post Move Lock (Bronze)

Oh, and he is 6’8", 90 speed, 81 strength, and 85 lat quickness.

Freaking Ruby LeBron. Now that I found a player with all those badges, I’m not sure how I can justify NOT putting him in my lineup (currently my other 2 are XMan & Rashard Lewis). I also think having a Ruby in there may be helping with the match ups.

You guys know of any other crazy badged players? I’m now wondering who all I am missing.


If anything you can just search on sites like mtdb

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Can you filter for badge combos? I don’t think I’ve seen that option.

You can on mtcentral


Muresan and Giannis. Marbury is the best TTO player in the game imo HOF Quick First Step is a gg

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Yeah, Giannis in TTO is unreal. I haven’t ever tried Amy Marbury…

PD Zach Lavine

One of the 3 players in the game with:

Gold Quick Draw
Gold Range Extender
Gold Quick First Step
Gold Clamps

The other 2 are Opal Grant Hill and Opal Dwade.

Let that sink in the card is super OP. :joy:


Ok, players with: Dimer, Floor General, Quick Draw, Defensive Leader, Clamps

Ha! That is crazy. I still can’t believe he has Gold Clamps…

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So thats why Baron is so good

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Lavine’s badging is insane but to be fair KD has gold quick draw/range extender, silver quick first step and bronze clamps. Pretty close


still don’t have that Lebron card. I guess I should get it

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I thought it was interesting that Diamond LeBron only has Silver Quick Draw but Gold on the Ruby…

On a side note, how do you get that Yuta Watanabe card? He looks like the greatest ruby of all time. His badges at least.


Promo in Asia? Probably legendary preorder


That’s what I heard previously. I’d love to get a hold of that card though. Played against it once in TTOff… he was pretty legit.

Got two of those on my team!! Let’s go

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Does he actually have every HOF badge in the game

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Haha. Can’t possibly… right?? Maybe the 2kmtcentral devs don’t have access to the Asian promo cards?

No, i can confirm that cards HAS IN GAME 75 FREAKING HOF BADGES