Player progression system for next year

Here’s an idea for 2K. Drop every new card with the base rating for the given tier (90 amethyst, 93 diamond, etc.), then let us upgrade the attributes of the players through gameplay. The more you play with a card and the more you perform specific actions (3 pointers, blocks, rebounds) the more those specific ratings go up until they reach the tier limit (like 95 for the diamond). This would make every game meaningful, even against the CPU. They would still be making money on higher tier (more potential) players. What do you guys think?


the game is already enough of a grind as it is, i can only imagine this making it worse

I like it!

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Interesting point of view. So you don’t like being rewarded for what you do in the game? This could be a specific class of players- perhaps substitute the useless heat checks.

I like this idea in general, but I don’t think it would go as you think. Everyone will just get that card and find the absolute fastest way to get it to the highest tier in everything.

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Good point. I suppose the term in RPG games is “farming”. They could make the CPU games worth less upgrade points and the PvP more so that people don’t just play 25 domination games in a row to max out their cards.

i do like being rewarded but knowing 2k the reward would be so minor for how much work is put in

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it would be a good idea if the progression happened only after a game against human opponent

Lol shoot and make enough 3s with shaq to get it to a 90. (Jk) I really like this idea but I’m worried 2k wouldn’t make caps appropriate to certain players and their playstyles


I’d still want to get something for playing the CPU, but definitely a bigger boost for a human being.

If you start with a base rate of 30 I guess I wouldn’t mind :slightly_smiling_face: There would have to be some complexity to it- like, you can only boost Shaq’s 3pt by 10, but his rebounding and defense by 30.

As long as they can balance it to make it not broken why not implement this? I’m all for the grind although I’ve been wishing for smaller rewards now and then while I make my way to wilt and this would probably make it more bearable

but how is 2k earning this way? why wouldnt they just bust out 2-3 different versions of each card to pull… ppl rip packs regardless whats in 'em

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I hope 2k realizes they gotta do things for us once in a while or when a different competent basketball game comes out it’ll destroy them.

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It definitely doesn’t help their bottom line, unless you can upgrade players faster with VC. On the other hand they could do something for their customers every now and then.

EA advertised you could level up any player prior to 19, but then it was only a few from each team.

ye thats a possibility. make it faster using VC.
wait for them to implement this method as the new heatchecks haha while everything stays the same

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This can be applied to Heatcheck cards. Replace em with these, pretty good idea.