Player prices

currently on vacation sold all my players before to sit on a comfortable amount of MT, to get to the point - could somebody tell me the prices of these players atm? on ps4

  • Amy Simmons (eventually also badged up)
  • Diamond Oladipo
  • new 97 Lebron
  • 97 Cousins
  • Diamond Bird
  • Diamond Malone
  • 97 Westbrook

thanks guys

which system

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added (ps4)

Simmons is about 60k
Dipo at 60k
New lebron at about 300k
New cousins at like 250k I think
Bird is about 140-160k
Malone at 110k
Westbrook upwards of 220k

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I can’t help, prices differ a bit between xbox and ps4

my westbrook just sold at 260 with 50 contracts