Player Minutes Are A Joke

Me: Nice, I have pink diamonds at every position in the starting lineup and bench!
Me: Now, let’s give the final 3 bench slots zero minutes because they’re bronzes
(In game): "Ok time out, 3 seconds left, and wait? WHY THE F#@$ ARE ALL 3 BRONZES IN?

RIP contoller, 2018-2018

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Just do all your subs manually and youll never have to deal with that. Problem fixed



You don’t know how to set your rotations? Lmao

I’ve only seen auto subs put zero minute bronze players in blowouts. Did you make any line-up changes recently? Make sure that all minutes are attributed to players and that the bronze guys are still at zero.

How do you set rotations?

Can I see that all PD lineup?

Lonzo , Harden , Bird , Garnett , Nate? Something like that i think

But you aren’t the OP are you?

Just guessing :slight_smile:

Who doesn’t manually sub?

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