Played madden all weekend

Decided to play some ultimate team, they have crazy deals on players… I recently had a birthday so I used 150 bucks on amazon and bought some coins, with that I turned my team into literally an elite team, grinded out 40 solo challenges and got a 93 qb which is one of the best in the game… and compared to 2k I feel like everything I did was a positive because I made over 3 million coins basically which after the next player of the month comes out I’ll hop back on 2k and sell everything on madden and buy back later, it’s funny how good that mode is compared to 2k
If anyone wants to play for fun on madden hit me up or I’ll play some friendlys in 2k

Well want to say happy birthday then man. well happy belated birthday!

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I play both. Ultimate team is much much better. Cheese fest though. 200 dollars this past weekend would get you a stacked team. I spent 200 on Magic packs and got 9 Draymond and a shit ton of Baylors.

Happy belated birthday man

Ya I’m of a fan of the actual multiplayer gameplay this year in madden. Played a ton last year and I think they took a step back this year.

You liked 18 my team online better?

I meant madden. I gave 2K18 back to GameStop after a week. I like 2k19 a lot.

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Oh my b

I didn’t actually play last year. I just came back I it this year.

I played MUT from Madden 25 to Madden 16, I was an addict.

I’ll say the AH is WAY better in MUT.

But I always hated locking in sets, and LOSING the cards.

But I think MyTeam is a bit easier to grasp in the fact you only have to really fill 8 roster spots.

So, you don’t have to save up that MUT for 24 players on your team, and THEN the back ups.

I’m also more of a basketball fan than football, so that weighs in too lol

The mut auction house is whack if you look for 90 ovr and sort it it by buy now price it doesn’t actually show you all the cards. 2k is better with that

They took the confusion and multiplied it by 100 times this year with training points and power ups and 100 boost options for every player.

The badge system is way better. Simple and complex at the same time.

They have several sets now where you get the players back NAT. MUT is wayyyy better. I am bigger fan of basketball, but MUT much better in my opinion.

Power up cards are great for people who can’t afford the full version of the card.

Auction house is much better and easier to navigate.

Typically god squads aren’t paired up with budget squads.


Im moving over to mut too, just going to play park and mycareer

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In terms of playing the AH.

Filter by Newest, and just change positions or something to refresh.

Filtering is easier or more detailed to find exactly what you need in MyTeam, but it’s just so tedious to have to back out and search again to refresh

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Stil play some time buy mut 25 bet time playin madden

If that’s the case, hmm not bad lol.

I was a beast back in 16…got up to 9th on the leader boards lol

Maybe I should pick it up back =p

Its 31.99 for the Hall of Fame edition until the 27th on psn

Thats why and how i ended up getting it, it was like 80 dollars at release

I completed a set for the harvest promo. I got back 5 cards that were 93+ NAT.