Played Big C Richy

Played Big C Richy

You’re featured in his latest vid


Yea I tied it up with IT, then tried calling a timeout bc I subbed all my defensive players out before the game tying 3.
Went to auto foul, forgot you couldn’t call a timeout. Pulled a Webber.
Besides that you’d be surprised how many times Isiahs made dumbass shots like that.
I didn’t notice Stockton wide open tho.


brooooo that foul :frowning: I’m heartbroken rn

just a random question / kinda offtopic but are there even YouTubers playing on xbox? damn gotta switch over to the PS next year when they release the PS5 man

I’ve played Killza, got absolutely pumped :joy::joy:

Haha surely everyone can have an off game here or there

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I’m not that good lol Killza probably had an off game, only beat me by 20 :joy::joy:

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you’re nocodreamsicle? you were playing carlos on TTO in the most recent stream. i think he mentioned NoCo so i took a look at the screen and saw nocodreamsicle instead of nocojake so thought it wasnt you.

nooo IT

btw you can call a timeout if its a dead ball right?

Carlostory? Yea I offedballed him the whole time bc I’m not playing D with IT. I won, but he missed every shot he took and IT just kept hitting jumpers.
That’s what I thought, I wanted to sub in guys that could play D. That’s why
The shot that tied it up was a 3 from IT. Then I tried calling timeout and it with auto foul. Which I wasn’t mad at.
There was enough time to blow by my defense to not give me time to score.

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this dude richy was begging oponents to quit for 12-0 run when I was watching him 2-3 days ago LMFAO


I play on Xbox, add me with message: carsyncruz, I play on an account with GT: Stunna4 mainly though I just don’t respond to messages on there much.

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I watch most of his streams. When did he do that…?

Played YBC earlier today in MTU. He had opal DRob . Played a crazy 2-3 zone and baited a bunch of steals. He already had Amare but was using free agent Blake. I lost of course

I played dcentric last week n kept it close for 3 qtrs n got slumped in the 4th. Dude is legit. Ive been going on these cold streaks from hell this year. Be playing great n just stroke out for a quarter or some its crazy.

I played Lord beezus for 5 seconds. No thanks. I got waxed by the guy he killed in the tournament last year.

Yup he is the 2-3 Master.

Nah, that dude Googles is the zone master, I think he’s been doing it since 2k17 or 18.

Same as YBC theyre both great at it.

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Yeah but Googles qualified. :upside_down_face:

Bruh what are you debating? Like this isnt a debate. YBC is great at the 2-3.

And who is googles? Lol j/k