Played Big C Richy

Played Big C Richy

this dude richy was begging oponents to quit for 12-0 run when I was watching him 2-3 days ago LMFAO


I play on Xbox, add me with message: carsyncruz, I play on an account with GT: Stunna4 mainly though I just don’t respond to messages on there much.

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I watch most of his streams. When did he do that…?

Played YBC earlier today in MTU. He had opal DRob . Played a crazy 2-3 zone and baited a bunch of steals. He already had Amare but was using free agent Blake. I lost of course

I played dcentric last week n kept it close for 3 qtrs n got slumped in the 4th. Dude is legit. Ive been going on these cold streaks from hell this year. Be playing great n just stroke out for a quarter or some its crazy.

I played Lord beezus for 5 seconds. No thanks. I got waxed by the guy he killed in the tournament last year.

Yup he is the 2-3 Master.

Nah, that dude Googles is the zone master, I think he’s been doing it since 2k17 or 18.

Same as YBC theyre both great at it.

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Yeah but Googles qualified. :upside_down_face:

Bruh what are you debating? Like this isnt a debate. YBC is great at the 2-3.

And who is googles? Lol j/k

I don’t think I’ll be an exclusive video this week.


Hahaha get em!!!

He quit at 58 to 35


Lol never forget…

Richy got destroyed by NoCoJake 58-35

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Idk if this is sarcasm but fuck it I feel pretty good about my 2k skills right now

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Nah this ain’t sarcasm, it’s just straight up facts.

Seriously, this should become a new 2KG Meme

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Shoulda played for followers, dudes got 50,000

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Just made YBC rage quit in the 3rd quarter. He beat me by 16 last week. Felt good!


YBC beat me the only time I played him.

My fav streamer game was I beat CarlosStory last year with a buzzer beater post fade from Amy Dirk for 12-0 game to get Issel.

So satisfying lol.

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