Played Big C Richy

I almost had him. :sob::sob::sob::sob:

Still bothers me that this year the 3 ball barely drops this year


They shot 40% and 38%, aren’t those %s high.

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He was hitting hesi pull ups with Stockton. Dudes really good man. He doubled everything in the paint. Moncreif kept JR from going insane.

I played him last week. Got error after the first quarter, but we were tied when it happened. He had a stacked squad. 2-3 zone of course.

Played him multiple times in 2k18 and 2k19 too.

I had a better team than him.

I’d hate to play him in 2k19, he was hitting quick pull-ups in this game. He probably killed it last year.

I played him mostly in TTO last year l, but think we split a couple of MTU games. He’s really good and plays good on ball defense. I just can’t stand his vids haha

Yea he meets you at half court. Hard to do.
It’s nice playing youtubers bc they dont sprint to the basket every inbound.

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Didn’t you play JakeMason too? Him, Big C richy and YBC are the ones I’ve played the most times in past couple of years. All really good.

Yea JakeMason is better. Wayyyyy better


Anyone played Killzamoi? Think I played him once last year. Lost by 4. V good at kicking out and shoot

If Ur in aus or nz then yeah. I’ve played him a few times, only beat him like twice out of 6 9r so goes.

Yeah in Oz. Definitely some solid players here :slight_smile:

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Nice! Gotta good circle of mates on twitter I talk to that kill me in this game. Trying to learn from them lol

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You can say that again


I played Tjayerrday In 2K18 and he beat me by 4 or 6.

I remember my friend got matched up against Smoovh in 2k18. Smoovh was running PD Porzingis at the 2 and my friend made him rage quit.

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You’re featured in his latest vid


Yea I tied it up with IT, then tried calling a timeout bc I subbed all my defensive players out before the game tying 3.
Went to auto foul, forgot you couldn’t call a timeout. Pulled a Webber.
Besides that you’d be surprised how many times Isiahs made dumbass shots like that.
I didn’t notice Stockton wide open tho.


brooooo that foul :frowning: I’m heartbroken rn