Recently obtained 1,000 cards which included almost all of the playbooks. Which would you recommend I hold onto to try out? Thanks

I haven’t used any of the tb playbooks, but current Rockets has some fun plays. Mavs is also pretty good.

Currently messing around with the Nets but haven’t used them enough yet to know if I like it

Mavs,Lakers or warriors,suns,76ers,magic,01 sixers,98 Lakers,08 rockets,Celtics or pelicans.

Regular hawks been super loyal to me

This might also help you decide which to keep and which to sell. Make some mt back from selling the more expensive dupes (like warriors over Lakers)

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The warriors playbook and Lakers playbook are not the same anymore. They added a three point in the warriors playbook and another play (i havent found which it is yet). They also added 4 plays in the Sixers playbook which are not displayed in the pdf since the PDF was made before they added the plays. Hopefully they will add more plays during the year.