What’s the best playbook to play inside and outsider ?
Thanks for answers

im sick of using the quick 2 play. what are the other good 3pt playbooks thats effective?

I have run the Blazers playbook (next gen) for some time, there are several good 3pts plays there

I recently switched to the Pacers playbook and like it a lot, there are a few very quick and very effective plays there (eg Quick 1 Chest)

let me know if you want more details (bearing in mind that I mainly play offline, so I do not know how effective these plays are against a human opponent - but they do work well against the AI at all difficulty levels)

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I have been trying to find new plays to use. Are the pacers plays good if you have a center like Yao?

Ive just been running the Bucks playbook


That is what I do as well. 5 out works, but I am not sure it is the best plays for Yao. The more I use Yao, the more that I really like the card. Even when his stats are average, he just dominates the middle like no other player that I have seen. I now realize I need to add dimer to him. He causes everyone else to collapse when he has the ball inside that there always is an open player for a jump shot.

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Loving Yao up man. Such an easy bucket

He is no matter who he plays against. He also makes sure that no one gets an easy inside basket on him. I have no idea why people are thinking of paying MT for Embid when Yao is available for free.


I think some ppl don’t like to grind and just rather pay. I mean Lebron, KD, Giannis etc always have good cards year after year and they expensive af for no reason. I don’t know how ppl use the same player all year, year after year. Boring af

Personally I never liked Yao in 2k because he’s a slow, clumsy big who can’t guard on the perimeter of his life depended on it and he’s not the best floor spacer obviously , that would be my reasoning anyway

I cooked a couple of Yaos last night with my Embiid (who does have a handful of extra HOF badges) especially dribbling on the perimeter and walking past him to the rim or pulling up for an open jumper…

What surprised me though, is that i was able to dropstep and dunk over the top of Yao a few times

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You must be atkeast competent in the post is my guess , I was curious though …which extra hof badges does your Embiid have ? I have about 500k ready to be spent on Embiid but trying to figure out what the most effective badges that are worth paying for though , because when a card is new , ppl will pay for even the most useless badges , if they see that purple number higher than they typically normally see …I’m not 1 of their guys therefore I have to be selective which Embiid I get …any info is appreciated :slight_smile:

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Best playbook for both offline and online is hands down the Trail Blazers playbook. I am very surprised at how few “comp” players use it. Most “comp” players are STR8 CHEESERS though.


What plays do you like in the trailblazers playbook?

Yeh that aint me either… I have basically the best ones on my Embiid including:

limitless spot up
putback boss
break starter
fade ace
clutch shooter
volume shooter
quick first step

Those 10 added badges make him incredible lol

Mam it seems Embiid spiked up in price abit the last few days and we’ll patience make the a virtue but it’s not that for me lol so the best I was able to get was a 19 HOF Embiid with limitless spot up, blinders , green machine and HZH, all decent badges but ppl are paying over 300k for naked Embiid last few days so I feel like I got a devent deal for 385k for that embiid , what do you think ?
Edit…do you find QFS makes a diff at all? Since he’s a C n ur not gonna be breaking down with him often…and FAD ACE ? lol really ? I thought that was luetarlly tje most useless badge in the game, no ? Break starter is incredibly important for C imo

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The plays I run in every game online and offline are quick 21 rip…quick 1 chest…quick 12 loop…give 14 pitch…quick delay slip. My offense is explosive with these 5 plays combined with the Clippers 2018 freelance.

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I also mix in the Iverson series if my opponent knows how to defend my TBPB plays.

Tbh eversince about 2k19 I’ve been running freelance because tbh the plays were broken and then it would be the end of the shotclock and you HV no time to do anything but chuck lol so I said F-it but using plays was.muchnmore enjoyable , so I’ll try these , thanks alot…luckily I have all the ppaybooks for Collwctor level , thanks again

Also, people keep telling me to practice plays in 2ku but how do you actually do that ? Lol