Playbook Glitch

What if it is in the game intentionally…as in if the same coach played against eachother in real life they would know the plays


You say “as in if” like it’s possible. How tf could the same coach, coach against himself in real life


Haha nah man he means the coaches don’t know eachother’s playbooks.

Thats where it’d be awesome if they added custom playbooks

According to your theory, my Oscar should faint when he sees opponent’s Oscar lol

Back to the future?

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Cuatua playbook be next aids thing be agame

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Agreed, custom playbooks would be ridiculous… everyone would just cherry pick the best plays across the board from all of the playbooks.


I thought of that too, but there could be limitations set in place for that. Like maybe you can can only choose from set play groups, or mod plays that already exist. I dunno I just think it could be a cool feature for for playbook nerds

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I’m right there with you in theory… we just know what would happen in the long run.

I’m a total playbook nerd as well… I tend to start off with a scripted offense much like an NFL team does and see how the defense reacts to a few particular plays. From there, it’s all about reading and adjusting.

But lately I have found some pretty sweet stuff if I let certain plays continue to run after I would have normally gotten an open look… I will hold the ball for just a second or two longer and more play trees start popping up. I think I was missing out on some extended play trees when I rush a contested shot.


Limitations wouldnt stop it people figure out way find others abuse play and things limit anything make good look worse. Wonts do that

I’m completely lost when the glitch happens. My entire offense relies on the plays. If I don’t have the playbook I find myself just running pick and roll or fade non stop.


Series are your friend in this situation

Dumb question but do Series run plays from your playbook or a pre-determined set of plays from whatever playbook?

P.S. RIP Stan Lee :cry:

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You can run them with any team, any playbook. They’re the same no matter what. You could think of them as “smart” freelances. Your team will run the same action until the defense forces a bad shot, then will adjust and switch to the next action. The cool thing is that every play within the series is very similar to one another, so you can theoretically play mind games with your opponent. Check them out in scrimmage and see which ones you like.

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What is series? And how do you run it?

See my previous reply. And run one by pressing right on d pad and then primary focus. Select series and then choose one of the options.


I use casey and just got playbook glitched 7 straight games LOL. cherry on top is the random playbook it gave me literally had 4 plays in it lol. And I have been using Lakers playbook and now that is all different. wtf is going on

I was doing the same thing! It’s annoying when the 2nd play doesn’t trigger though and you’re scrambling to get a quick play together