Playbook and plays

I’m just getting into the game absolutely playing through domination. The new play calling system sucks. I expect I’ll need a few decent plays to get through the more difficult domination levels. Any help from you all would be greatly appreciated.

I do love these evolution cards though. It occupies my time and keeps me from playing unlimited and getting massacred by all of you!

Blazers, quick rip 21

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The new play calling system doesn’t suck. It’s better than ever. You can add 8 of your favorite plays to the quick menu and assign them to whoever you want, even if he doesn’t have that type of play in his arsenal.


blazers quick 21 rip , quick 1 chest, quick 12 loop, fist 15 box

You have to do it every game though, or can you save it and have it ready each time?

Every game, unfortunately.

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