Playbook and freelance advice

Hey all my first year playing 2k and I love the community thus far. I have been dipping my toes into unlimited and getting just crushed. I expect that for the next year but figured I would ask for some strategy help. I am looking for a playbook and freelance / set of freelances to use with 97 dame lilard. The goal is to have him be the primary option but to create some stand and shoot or driving options for the 2-4 with a stretch 5. All my players can at least 3 ball decently.

Thanks in advance for the help and keep on being wicked.


Thanks so much. Watched your pelicans one yesterday and figured it didn’t suit my style but that heat one looks great!!!

Any ideas on a freelance to pair with it to keep my opponent guessing?

Freelance depends. I use 21 delay. It will generate a lot of open threes for you. If my opponent is playing tight/smother defense I’ll go to Princeton for the back cuts.

Against zone WNBA 3.

Consider running the 21 delay series paired with the 21 delay freelance if a play breaks down and you need good spacing for a ball screen.

Any good playbooks for the delay series?

I like the Hawks 2018 freelance but it has a habit of putting everyone in awkward positions at the wing three spot

It isn’t in a playbook. You call it the same way you would call a freelance. Freelances and series are just a set of plays which any team can run regardless of their playbook. I don’t have the game in front of me right now but I believe you click left or right on the d pad on offense and you should find the series section. There’s a lot to choose from.