Play Now Online

Getting a little burnt out on MyTeam lately so I’ve been playing a little Play Now Online to switch it up a bit. The competition has been nearly non existent compared to my team. Granted, I’m only in the JV league. but if you are looking to demolish some casuals PNO seems to be a lot less sweaty from what I can tell.

PNO is wierd to me. I’ll go 15 game stretches of easy kills then get a dude that’s so efficient that I’ve literally got to produce like 35 point quarters to even stand a chance.

You guys should join and play for some cash

The tier system this year is garbage and I haven’t lost a game in pno this year but have like 5 L’s on my record. It’s definitely fun & more realistic than myteam though

Competition will get better as you rank up leagues. Although Lag is still the biggest competition I’ve faced consistently.

I don’t hate the tier system I just hate the matchmaking. I’d rather wait a few extra seconds than play current Mavs vs All time Hornets or play Heat vs Heat.

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I decided to give PNO a crack the other night and i swear i got the only MyTeam player playing PNO. Game was Lakers vs Lakers (solid match making 2k) and he swithced LBJ to PG then ran his starters all game and PnR constantly. It was like i was playing unlimited lol. I’ve played a couple more and they were more sim ball with plays though, definitely less cheesey than MyTeam.

I keep saying it but should really look at MyTeam. Finally played my best team a few times on Unlimited and it was cheese city. Just got clobbered in the 2nd half by a Hedo pulling Steph Curry heroics. And all game long it was PnR spam.

Don’t know about this year, but two years ago it was easy even at the top.

I just hate how slow and stupid the players move. They are still professional athletes even if they arent a pink diamond galaxy opal.

Yea the difference in speed and reaction time between top players and everyone else is a bit unrealistic, but you get used to it. It forces you to use role players as actual role players and overall ends up making for a more sim experience.