Play DOM for now until MTU is patched because it SUCKS

Play DOM for now until MTU is patched because it SUCKS

This isnt even a “im mad im losing!” Type post. Im 6-0 in MTU right now going for 12-0

The gameplay is terrible.

You thought off balling was bad in 2k19… well oh boy do i have something for you!!!

When you cant hit a wide open jump shot with KLAY THOMPSON or JOE HARRIS and you make 1 out of every 3 wide open shots ppl just sit with their centers in the paint.

Did you like 2k18 well guess what just take a fast point guard who can dunk, hold turbo and blow by your defender for an easy dunk!

Idc that its DaY OnE, were playing a Beta and its awful

Go grind domination and get those contracts/ mt / tokens etc bc theres no point in playing a severely flawed online game right now

And no this isnt sim ball, this is the furthest thing from it


Nothing like paying to be a beta tester.

I agree that the game play is garbage. 2K18 style of setting a pick in the corner and sprinting in a straight line to the basket is the worst.

Also, what did they do to dribbling? I’m nowhere near an Iso god but its not even fun anymore.


Why not just finish those last 6 if you’re winning though and have Larry for Dom?

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I wasn’t even thinking about getting the game until after all star break—taking a huge W with that decision

I hate this company so much that it’s perversely enjoyable seeing how bad their product is at release

So many people who are just good at 2k and well informed about cards, strategy, gameplay mechanics, etc have posted about how trash 2k20 is

God it’s fun to hear

Even though “ya hate to hear it”



Agree 100%.

The one solid thing about launch is that the low level Snipes are everywhere.

You can casually grind filters and make enough MT to last the season in a few weeks.

I will have 500K by Monday easily.


Damn that’s solid

I’m just gonna buy a big batch of MT after all star weekend

Absolutely giving ZERO money to 2K this year via VC purchases


We rarely seem to agree @YuBuuBuu but I completely agree with your take.

This game is straight trash right now. Blowbys all day. Bricking open shots. Slow and clunky. WTF is this nonsense?

I can’t wait for The Show’s update. Back to baseball for me!


Waiting until i get a bucks playbook because the off ball is so fucking bad

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my opponent just dashboarded and i didnt even get the win …

Ya thats def a glitch had that happen twice to me

Also why the fuck is there no rebounders in freestyle lol


I’m not understanding the offball complaints though? From the games I played online, offball was so easy to get by



Fuck why did I spend money on this game


That shit pissed me off

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That’s what you get for caving in and giving those lazy idiots your money.

I’ve yet to see someone praise this game.
If they don’t fix most of this shit until Monday I’m waiting for Christmas sale.

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It is but no one can hit an open 3 online so you people with gobert and embiid literally sitting in the paint blocking everything. And actually off ball D is not terrible if your guy has gold clamps

Literally drose cant do anything against emerald harper

Some domination games are glitched too. This is looking like a My Career weekend

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