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Quick question for you guys, I currently am struggling with play calling and play books. I’ve been playing Pro Am for the past four or five years, any suggestions or tips on how to improve in this area? Thanks in advance.

You gotta learn the plays and figure out which ones are useful in which situations, that’s about it.
If you don’t know the plays and just go by on-court instructions, it won’t work out most of the time.

What kind of plays are you looking for

Pelicans book is fire


So many plays

Heat 13

Something that isn’t a five out but has good spacing around the perimeter, frees up looks for my two guard (T-Mac) and still offers some post ups for my bigs.

Spurs playbook is nice.

The spurs 2018 freelance is really nice too. Good spacing and lots of picks

You Coming from pro am, I assume alot of the plays u would want to run is iso, dribbles and screens? Alot of the guys coming from my career I can tell they play, and will only torch me with one or two players in a 5 out formation

Thanks for replies, I will try everyone of them. Now I just seen Duncan sell for 400k plus I have mine on the block with maybe 10 or 15 minutes to go. I have to buy Worthy and West to have all the players to complete the Giannis challenge.

Would you guys say that holding onto to the spotlight players until they are out of packs is the best return or should I sell now?

I feel like the money plays from last year aren’t as good this year. Although I haven’t tried online in a while and didn’t have good players before so maybe I’ll go back to it.

@2kballnow kills me with the heat 13 playbook

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Does anybody knows if the raptors playbook had the same double drag plays as last year? @raptorsbenchmob you used it last year too right?

What are the top five plays from that playbook, which I have?

I just run Nets playbook mostly.

It has a few. Not all of them tho. There is a double series that has them tho. Raps book is a bit different.
Some similarities tho

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Idk, I have them saved somewhere. He runs them way better than I do

Does it has the double screen at the top one can’t remember the name. That was the one I used the most.

Check out @RCAtheGreat YouTube series on playbooks…

Dude is a damn genius. I’ve quietly started using the Rockets PB and its fire.

I’m sure most people here know these plays by heart but he broke down the Heat '13 PB.

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Dang, just go ahead and call me a newbie.

“I’m sure most people here know these plays by heart…” right after I asked top five plays in this playbook :joy::rofl:

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