Play 2k for fun

this is a reminder that this video game is at your service for the purpose of having fun with your time — enjoy the ride, stressing about the grind isn’t worth it

accumulating cards & grinding is cool to have a goal & reach it — but if you aren’t having fun actually playing the game against another user you should stop spending your time on this game

this is my first year being engaged in myteam & the 2k userbase, it’s pure insanity to me how the majority of this community doesn’t play 2k for the enjoyment/beauty of hooping but instead need some kind of goal or prize to achieve. bad feelings & rage over this game is a constant theme on these forums

if you aren’t playing for fun as your number one priority, and you consider playing this game a grind/suffer to accumulate more cards/goals, you should reconsider spending your time playing this game into something you actually enjoy doing rather than suffering for no purpose

additional game modes, a leaderboard/matchmaking points & fixes to playbook glitch / pwf sliders would be brilliant, BUT if you don’t enjoy playing for the sake of playing then don’t play, it’s madness to continue a hobby that isn’t bringing you positivity

try new cards, play with your favorite players, don’t get so caught up in the meta & achieving the best team possible, small pgs like curry & kyrie are a blast with this new patch — try & make your gameplay as enjoyable as possible


Hard to remember this sometimes but at the end of the day it is a game; a source of entertainment and enjoyment. If it’s not serving those purposes for someone then what the hell is the point? Especially if you’re spending money…


@Shamslol been meaning to tell u this… u always make good, sensical points. Respek


this will solve a lot of people’s problems of the game being “boring” or “not fun anymore”


Great post!


Facts. Or even stop playing my team. 2k made a really impressively good basketball game this year and if you don’t check out other game modes you’ll never even know it. I understand the need for collection rewards but have no idea how that can be more important than enjoyable gameplay.



This game had become so much better ever since I took this mentality

I stayed anti meta at point, and honestly if I lose I lose… But I put up a hell of a fight!

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I put a lot of time playing, and reading about, this game. I don’t give a fuck if I’m lose, almost every game is enjoyable for me. Even if I’m lost by 30.

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Most fun Ive had in myteam ever. Love trying to add new defenders to the squad. I even play Dom to practice shots, strategies etc

We should run one sometime @Kobe6Rings !

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Im interested in some toruneys as well. Never done em before. I thought the only place to talk myteam was 2kmtcentral. This site lit.

We have and like a lot of the same players be a nice mirror match.

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What was the equivalent to wasting hours a day on 2K 50 years ago?

This is my first year playing MyTeam too, before I would log around 1000 games in PNO.

It’s fun for sure, but I only play players that I like or find interesting. I see so many people running Oden and Antwan Jamison just because base 11 and a big with a 3 point shot, but why run them if you don’t like them?

I’m 5 tokens away from my first and only PD that I want, Tim Duncan. My all time favorite player. Same reason I play 2 bigs and rarely shoot 3s. Just playing the game to have fun mainly.

I recommend PNO for anyone who needs a break. It’s way more toned down and plays like a real sim.

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Giannis 5 out with 4 shooters and off ball / full court press D >

Enjoy your favorite players. Ill be the bad man at the door with Giannis at PG securing the meta and making you run to 2kg to cry about it


Churning butter


Finally I agree with something you posted.

My favorite play is where everyone stands behind the 3pt line and i momentum crossover and momentum behind the back with giannis until he euro dunks or passes for a corner 3 if they help

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Alphabetizing baseball cards.

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“Play 2k for fun” only if it fits Shams ideologies of what HE thinks is fun

God forbid someone want to try out a speed boosting ruby thon maker in a fantasy card game. Thank you for stepping up and being our moral compass though.

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The black background made me wonder what site that was for a minute.