Placeholder Values in Myteam Trailer

They’re placeholders per RonnieLK


Until 2k forgets to update these “placeholders”

Nah they are Robbie just told me as well

I trust him over Ronnie, he’s responsible for the play with friends shit

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They both owned by 2k…

I get your job is to troll so all I’ll say is Robbie said he’d take note of the play with friends difficulty and other things and they carried over to the next game so I’d trust him more than your assumptions :sweat_smile:


Yeah had to be some of the MT awards are a slap in the face its 2k20 let’s go.


Yes lets applaud 2k for adding a simple change difficulty. After years. Trusting anyone that works at 2k is a mistake.

Who wants to bet playbook glitch is still there?

I never applauded them lmao and the person I’m trusting has been there for a year and has brought changes through suggestions for stuff we’ve all wanted soo?

Bit off topic now aren’t we?

Not really. You think anything ronnie says or anybody from 2k holds any sort of value. Dont be upset when 3k turns into 7k mt which youll lose after the price of contracts

Well considering it hasn’t happened yet, we shall see. Considering you buy the game every year your hate is kinda ironic

When another quality basketball game drops lmk

Let’s please stay on topic. There is no benefit to anyone else to read protracted repetition of one’s dissatisfaction of 2K’s past.


You right. At the end of the day take anything anybody from 2k says with a grain of salt. Just wanted to put that out there. Only people with any control there are Mike Wang and that Timmerman guy because they are they guys that actually work on the game.

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Most def, I’m not putting any faith into 2k as a whole but Robbie in general did help with suggestions and stuff this year so i have a little faith in him

Don’t know if I believe it tbh. The token rewards seemed pretty on point for what they would really be willing to give us. And the reward cards are already there too.

Why would they put a placeholder in solely for the MT spots less than 2 weeks from release?

Sounds like they saw the backlash and decided to change it.

I’m guessing it’s only going to be changed to like 10,000 MT for 850 wins.

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Most likely tokens

The token rewards are actually good like 500 wins is like 125 tokens on top of the ones you earn as you play