Place to watch game 3 after?

Hey I’m overseas and trying to watch game 3 whole as I couldn’t catch on time for live stream. Does anyone know of a link where I can watch it in entirety now?

Please no spoilers mates.

Udonis Haslem dropped 30 & the lakers lost by 20. Sorry had to spoil it for you

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I knew nobody could stop him. Damnit man.


You must have turned the game off early.

Alex Caruso had a 40 point 4th quarter and Lakers won in OT.


The game went to 25 overtimes so they just declared it a tie. Series is 2-0-1 Lakers

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And they said this series lost it’s drama. So many things happened!

Sounds like bill Simmons was wrong again!

Caruso pulled his nutsack out mid dunk on Kelly Olynyk.

He’s suspended for the series.

The Bald Eagle! :open_mouth:

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Lmaoo good jokes. On a serious note I don’t know where to catch the whole game at. This is the best I know of😓

I apreciate it man. Funny how you can find a million streams but nothing for a guy late from work or overseas.

Kostas Antetekounmpo felt dangerous tonight

Thus he played 0 minutes :joy:

You actually saved me a headache man. I can click this link without seeing all the highlight vids featuring the winner pumping their fist on the thumbnail. Damn youtubers worse than nba league pass sometimes.

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For sure😅 I got you my guy

Welp link was blocked in my area, so I did a search and for the full game specifically and saw a picture of a jimmy butler post game interview.

:frowning: I need a VPN.

:sleepy: you don’t even understand how much that just broke my heart smfh

The internet is not as bountiful as it should be for mildly resourceful folk like me.

Atleast I get to see what caruso did in the 4th