Pistol pete or ray allen

or latest devin booker?

A female gamer👀

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Asg Kuzma is better than all 3.

But if I had to pick I’d say Ray.

only have 96k

Go with Ray. Or maybe Scottie tbh.

is ray allen shot to slow to use online?

Pistol, Ray’s shot sucks. I’ve gotten it down for the most part but there are still times where I brick brick just because it catches me off guard


Ray has the same shot as his diamond, I just played a guy who was spamming threes with him, imo regular pd Roy is better than both other than the fact that he doesn’t have limitless but it just depends how you play

Pistol easy.

Going for half of what he was before last night. Was always 75-80k. Today 45k.

I thought I had a nice 60k snipe until I saw his price after todays drops.