Pippen or Hill at backup pg?

I been running Hill as my sixth man and backup ball handler. Looking at this Pippen with maybe some Kyries feel like he has the potential to be better. What do you guys think Pippen over Hill?

I run them together at 2/3 with Magic at PG. Alternatively 1/2 with Scottie as PG, Grant as SG. Their games compliment each other so well I had to adjust. I would go a different direction for your 6th man but it’s all based on your team and playstyle

I have MJ at the 2 and KD at the 3 for his 3pt plays and automatic stroke. So those spots are pretty much solidified. I could try them together off the bench but hard to take jimmy out of the rotation he’s been amazing for me


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Very nice! In that case i’d suggest just playing a game or 2 with them together off the bench and see how it feels. Jimmy buckets is a monster so I understand the hesitation, at the same time trotting out a bench unit witg Iggy/Hill/Pippen mix and match the positions, it’s a nightmare for the opposition

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Did you snipe a MJ? I’m always impressed by all the nice snipes you get haha

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Lol no I bought him but honestly I’m gonna list him. He’s not worth the price tag. He doesn’t feel much different than his diamond. I’m not getting the greens out the post like I was expecting, his defense isn’t any better than Butler, he’s got a worse shot. I just need to figure out when’s the best time to list him

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I’ve been kind of bidding on him and low balling because I don’t want to drop 500k on him and not winning. After what you described, I’m not going to even try anymore. Thanks for the warning.

He isn’t trash or anything but not a game changer. I wouldn’t pay more than 300 if I could do it again. I paid 519. I’m one win from Dr J who will prob be my starting sg still want Tmac shit I’d even take Kobe over him. I got caught up in the hype :expressionless:

Yah he doesn’t look great on paper but I’m sure his animations are great, but that’s a lot of MT locked into one card

Mega hype for Dr.J and T.Mac!!

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