Pippen going up in price?

Will this card likely be a granger situation and sky rocket once he’s out of packs? Especially with pippen having hof defensive stopper and nearly +200 attributes compared to Danny granger

Yes he’s awesome

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All I know is that for 100k he feels like a steal.


Yeah I’m not getting how so many good cards this year are so cheap. Oscar was way too cheap, Durant, PG, and now Pippen. It’s crazy.


Wrong color glow


Same. He feels even better than his stats, which is crazy. He’s already up to 120-130k on xbox on the auctions ending. But some are going up bin as well, so it’s hard to tell what his price will do in the future

first game with pippen, HOLY MOTHER OF GOD!!! This card is unbelievable


Can’t believe one of the best cards in the game is 100k lmao

There’s no way he stays this low

People are nuts. on a side note Ruby Mo Pete just dropped 35 off the bench for me 10-11 from 3. this is why I can’t get rid of this card. He needs another card. I just don’t think we’re going to get it.


If you slap lebrons face on that card then it’s like 400k lol


no way man, for what he gives to the team he worth even 300k

Playing him alongside iggy feels criminal. Steals, steals, steals, steals.

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The only thing that worries me about hanging onto him though is that he doesn’t seem all that rare I guess

Supply and demand. Way more supply of people ripping these packs than the granger packs. + grangers release compared to pippen is night and day. Stats don’t matter as much as animations

I knew I had to get him at release or he would be 150-200k in 2 weeks. He’s stupid good. Gotta find the right shoe for him…what y’all say?

I was honestly ready to drop 400k to get pip today

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I’m rocking the kobe ad mids. 85 post fade, 99 open shot three, 95 ball control, 97 steal, 95 acceleration with dantoni.


Thats one expensive ass shoe

I would rather a SwB Shoe , but white kobe’s isn’t bad