Pippen at the 4 viable?

Looking to run Pippen at the 4, is that a good decision or nah?

PG has better rebounding and even gets glass cleaner takeover. Why not switch them?


Was thinking the same. Need to add rim protector badge.

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nah. his strength is too low. awanz is right, PG would make more sense

Sold Big O…running Pippen at PG. No way in hell could Pippen bang w Tim Duncan or Jokic

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I’d post fade Pippen every possession

Who u got at the 4

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Giannis :joy: lmao… But I have PD Tim Duncan on the bench. I’d sub him in and drop 50.

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He is viable but “undersized” which turns alot of people off and isn’t going to be targeted every possession. With length, speed and defensive stats and space the floor there’s nothing to lose

Well I just sold Jordan so maybe now I can finally pick up PD Blake for the 4.

Saw a Blake go for 190k a few hrs ago