Pioneers packs. PD Kareem, PD DeRozan

I just picked up PD Kareem with HOF catch and shoot and a +4 3point/speed shoe for 315K. He can definitely green 3’s easily.

Finally a somewhat affordable good PD since 2k put out a guaranteed Kareem pack for $50. Comes with a HOF Catch and shoot badge.

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Oubre teamed with Beal is scary. We pulled Beal from a free pack awhile ago, but have rarely used him with so many better options. However, this duo is something else. We have used these 2 with Jarrett Allen for TTO and the three are unstoppable. Each of them have really easy 3 point shots. All 3 are quick with great defense. None of the games are even close. Cannot believe Oubre is less than 2k.

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WTF just bought kareem for 120k (and an holo with 1 extra hof) , why so cheap ? Dream is 600k , derozan 1M …

I’ve had a PD Kareem with HOF Catch and shoot since he came out. He has been great but I decided to bid on some Kareem’s with extra HOF badges. Mainly wanted one with HOF Catch and shoot and HOF Quick first step to attack closeouts. Finally picked one with both and some good extra badges. 14 HOF’s for 491K.

I added special delivery to my old Kareem to get him to 9 HOF’s. Maybe the worst badge in the game especially for a big. I had 3 so I said I might as well get rid of one of these. Put him up at night when not any Kareem’s were finishing for like an hour. Checked today and he finished at 484K lol. Kareems with HOF C&S have been finishing at around 200k from what I saw.

TBH the HOF special delivery is probably a negative to the card since you can’t remove it since 2k won’t fix their broken badge system. People just look at the number and bid I guess.

Why is derozan that expensive ? Bron is 600k and KD 400k ….