Pink diamond Webber incoming

Ronald tweeted and I was wrong

50k bin :star_struck:

Is it really?? :joy::joy::joy::-1:

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45k in 2 days. No hof dimer, no hof defensive badges, 70 intangibles! His badging is like anti-dray lol. Must be cheaper than Pd Dirk and i believe Ruby Diaw is better than this card.

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I’m glad he’s underwhelming. Didn’t want to feel any pressure to replace my PD AD or Diamonds Dray and AK-47…and, thankfully, I don’t.

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Hes a slower Malone by the looks of it.

PD CWebb with Grey Kobe’s is a beast. Facts.


Does he play above his ratings? Some cards just seem to be better then when you compare them based on stats

you took it way too far here :joy:

How would PD Webber play with the curry lows? I don’t know if I can replace AD or Giannis.

Plays well above his stats. Beast mode…

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Just put up KAT with Kyries and hopefully buy him tonight with a good shoe.

I just tried Towns with a grey Kobe he’s like boogie but crazier

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Grey Kobe’s. He’s a blur. Grabs boards. Passes well. Just practice his jumper. It’s fast.

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What’s your thoughts I like Webber but KAT with this shoe is pretty fun


What’s his buyout on xbox rn?

KAT is great but his jumper is too slow for me. Webber’s is fast. Kinda like Melo, but with a little hitch.


It is totally not like Melo imo.

Melo is way faster and imo way worse :smiley: I couldnt hit anything with him, CWebb is smooth.

I prefer C. Webb’s, but I think they’re similar.

Yeah too much booze i guess but he is close :stuck_out_tongue: