Pink diamond token players

I’m like 10 tokens from a new pink diamond token player i’ve got grant hill and tim duncan who should i get next.

I was thinking rick barry but idk

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Barry or Mutombo

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I’m in the same place man. Was probably going to get Mutombo next but hopefully they put out new rewards before I have to decide


I’ve got grant hill

Fuck didn’t read get barry

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I took Grant with my first and i’m not disappointed at all. I run him as my backup point

yeah I’m thinking wait until the next new player but idk how long it will be until they release a new one

I’m pretty confident they’ll add more players to the token market at some point. If you don’t plan on using you’re next player it might be worth it to wait although who knows how long it could be

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How do you guys gets tokens after diamonds? I’ve been trying but it seems tough for those pink diamonds

i completed almost every historic collection since they are relatively cheap

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