Pink diamond Tim Duncan

This card is so rare bruh. How long do you guys think till they either give a prime 1 locker code, put him maybe on TTO boards, maybe they release prime super packs? This card is disgustingly expensive

Prime super packs are 99.999% coming. At this point, seems like middle of next week and then the final Prime 3 player next Friday

They’ve put him in super packs before, problem is unless they just straight up put him in a locker code he will always be the rarest, all the other cards have been on tto or In multiple locker codes

100% agree prime super packs are coming but i think they will come after the last prime series 3 player is announced since packs will be in the market for a week

imo the last player will be this friday and super packs on next tuesday/wednesday

PD tim duncan is the best card to snipe when prime super packs are out imo hopefully that doesnt change cause, the amount of MT i made of this one card is insane

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On a side note, when they come out with the prime 3 reward and overall prime reward, Ray Allen needs an evo.

Why is this card expensive anyway?

  1. The card itself sucks, even the GO sucks.
  2. Ray Allen would be a <100K BIN if he was pullable.

Are people banking on a Allen + Garnett + ??? = mega reward? That’s the only logical thing I can think of, but even then, that’s way too much MT to invest in a single card, even the GOAT cards are <2 mill.

I’m hoping they add in a 3k token reward for locking all three Primes kinda like last year. That would be almost enough for two token GOATs. I was able to lock in Ray and KG this week for 1M combined.

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Duncan and the last mystery player are the only 2 I need for the Prime I - III collections and yet…I’m still waiting. It’s disgusting to pay this much for a worthless card.

Makes me wonder which card is the worst value this year?

Duncan PD vs, Rashard Lewis Opal

I look at Lewis as a key to unlock the undisputed best center in the game. Until further notice, Duncan doesn’t contribute to anything.

I think they’ve been planning something. Since the beginning of the year every set reward has been found in their respective gem reward tab (PD Rewards, Opal Rewards) except for the Prime players. Ray Allen at the very beginning of the year was placed in his very own tab, Prime Rewards. My guess is because they’ve always planned for there to be a reward for collecting all 3 of them.

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Hold your horses fella. You mean you don’t want a 6’6" SG with 20-23 Hof badges and bad animations?

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