Pink Diamond Shaq

Did anyone actually get this card lol?

Yeah I seen some people get it on twitter and also seen people only need that Pau Gasol card from the P&P board which is apparently the rarest card in the game

Is it that difficult to get gasol?

I believe @bigcityspecial has him if my memory serves correct.

We gotta get his opinion on it, I’m interested in how it is.

Obviously it’s tough to get and probs not worth it but still interested how it is

That pau gasol is fucking eluding me. 300+ PnP games in and still haven’t picked him

It’s actually criminal that it’s not a guaranteed pick and there’s potential that it could be all for a waste

I heard this kid got him.

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I hope he makes a video of PD Shaq gameplay that’s half as good as his katana skills

Yo that kid always cracks me up!

Yeah I have him. Played 15 games with him Probably more due to rage quits not counting. 10ppg 6.6 reb 2blks per game which is decent. People are going to off-ball him. Which slows down the pace of your offense. He’s not a SM card. And not worth the grind. I enjoy doing the collector’s levels/goals. For p&p, If the amethyst counter has a 1 next to it your better off dash quitting the next 4 games. Also use your lifeline cards to extend your picks