Pink diamond Reward?

Enough tokens to get two pink diamond rewards! Who do I get? I’m thinking
Grant Hill and Paul pierce?..

What is best guys!

My current line up

D Penny
D Scottie
PD Hakeem

PD Giannis
PD Julius
D Melo
PD Blake
C Porsingod

And I’ve got 300k mt in the bank lol

I’d say Mutumbo over pierce probably, at least from what I’ve read.


hill and mutumbo

I prefer Hill myself, but Pierce is deadlier in the post and his fadeaway can be abused to the opponent’s detriment. That release is what annoys me though, Hill’s is butter for me while Pierce is too slow online for my taste

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Grab Grant and put him at the 1 and then if i was you i’d slide AD to center put hakeem as your bench C and then go from there

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I have all , and the card I used the most of them is Mutombo …
He is a beast


For you I’d go hill and pierce or hill and mutumbo. If you were to go hill and pierce I’d highly recommend getting rid of porzingis and get diamond big z

Pierce Mutombo

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Pierce and Mutombo & it’s not even close


Grant Hill by far. He can play the 1, 2 or 3 for you giving you the most options. I personally even prefer Hill’s shooting to Pierce. I have a 3 point shoe on him with limitless range and his release is nice. I don’t like Pierce’s release personally.

2nd I would say Mutombo, but you do have Hakeem with Kristaps as the backup.

Get Grant Hill first- he’s the best player overall and still a vital component in my star-studded rotation.


Yeah Grant hill basically only PD reward i still use


Hill/Pierce and Mutombo.

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Is mutumbo that nice? Everyone been saying it.

Depends different playstyles n shit, but personally me i grabbed mutombo 2nd to last and have barely ever used him, i liked duncan better but just imo

Duncan is still my starting PF, and I’ve locked pretty much every set so far. Love him.

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Pierce it’s too slow , and the release even slower :joy:
Only for post game .
Mutombo it’s a beast , rebound more for me than Shaq and Yao!
Duncan have a lot of HOF badges too

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What’s wrong with Timmy?

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Timmy is great, he just gets bullied by the Kareems & Wilts…Mutombo never gets bullied by anyone…ever. Mutombo is just faster…he can guard the 3 in a cheese situation with ease. Duncan has that sick post game, but since I got Wilt he’s retired.

Hill & Pierce are both great, but I never miss Pierces post fade so he will always be in my lineup as the backup 2 to J.R. Hill is my backup PG & he’s sick as well. Cant go wrong with any of those 3 but Mutombo is #1 imo.

Got enough tokens for my first PD reward so bringing up this thread to ask y’all if Hill/Mutombo is still a go or should I also consider new Barry card? I’ve got PD Magic, Giannis, Blake, D Allen, Oscar, Love, M Gasol, Wilt, JSmoove… using reward cards like Melo and Peja and some amy’s like Porzingis, Jimmy, Embiid, Hedo, Green…

Thinking to take Mutombo and replace diamond Wilt but will take your opinions into account…