PD Ray Allen Gameplay

Another PD newly released by 2K, but anotherone that I think was unnecesary. Anyways I decided to do a gameplay and I can say that in my oppinion the diamond version of Ray was ploaying better for me than this PD was, so I think that is totaly enough to have his diamond. Of course it is another amazing shooter, wich is imposible to stop and some players will be able to cheese with him, like they do with Curry, Klay, KD, Tracy, rather than play normal game.


Amy Klay says : Bend the knee


This should be a god tier card in this game. But nope, 2k made 75% of the cards basically the exact same. I would kill for this card in 2k17

@ProBallers what playbook are you using?

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@bowzer current Rockets

On friday I will drop the first video where I will be talking, so I would like to ask if anyone can answer…Should I post comment and talk about game and other stuff or should I just comment while playing???

Most talk while playing since they stream, but nk141 is my favorite personally, and he talks after.

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