Pink Diamond MJ is a Master in the Midrange 🏀

MJ finally feels like MJ lol. His mid range pullups are so smooth on next-gen. I might keep him until we get an opal version. Using those stepbacks and sidesteps out of the post is super fun too.

I know most people don’t play like this in 2K but just showcasing that you can use these moves and playstyle and have some success. The only person that was able to stop MJ so far was @SlothWrld lol he boxed me up.

But yeah, you can score really efficiently in the mid-range especially out of the pick n roll. Guys like Wade, Melo, Kawhi, Kobe, CP3 are gonna be crazy this year.


The mid range step backs with MJ are smooooooooth, really no stopping those

Gg bro! Fun playing against you recognized your name at the matchup screen lol


I got my hands on him yesterday, found one with hof c&s. Coach + shoe boost 86 3p rating i guess + this badge makes up for the missing part. What difference does it make ? You can also use him as Klay Thompson lol.

This is the first dominant MJ card in the game i dunno since when ? 2016 maybe ? You know it better than i do.

MJ finally feels like MJ That is soooooooo true.

Me before any game i can use him:


Man i can’t wait until we get a useable Pippen to pair with him lol. I will say that MJ doesn’t have the best dribble sigs. His sizeup is decent but everything else is pretty average. Even more reason to use him like how MJ played irl and not dribble around.


Sigs are not perfect but there is almost no Sg in the game that stop him going to rim, not without hof clamps anyway. Have you seen Pippen’s size this year? His player model is no longer that tiny bitchh. :joy: hope with a get d Pip soon with the inevitable duo.

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On next gen Jordan is amazing and his dunks are so good lol I get atleast 3 posters a game can’t wait for a even higher card of mj

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Can’t wait for the PD Durant gameplay :popcorn:

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As always awesome stuff my man. This game offers so many options to score, yet we usually ignore most of them. Thank you for continously showing us what we can do.

I have a request, could you do a short badge guide below the videos u make. I was actually waiting for you or someone to make an MJ post. Already wondered why it took so long…
Wanted to make one myself, but couldn’t really play the last couple of days.

I am pretty sure I will add Hof Giant slayer and Deep Fades, but unsure about the rest.

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MJ is a wonderful card. Only reason I sold him is the Iggy card because I feel he’s just as good as mj on offense and better on defense. Love the gameplay though!

C&S is a must imo, flexible release maybe. I only wish he had one more slot for dimer :sneezing_face:

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I probably would go Dimer first assuming he is the GoToGuy and your highest usage guy.
Give the man the ball and create instead of making him a c&s cone. Also is more life like ya knowm

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Passing is my last resort if he has the ball :cold_face:

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Ahhh… an Earv post featuring a YouTube highlight video. This is what I call therapy.

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Melo is so much fun. His space creator badge and animations make him so op. Fast as hell

Imma watch this when I’m done work. Looking forward to it

I love seeing other post players go to work :slight_smile:

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This card is actually GOATED AF.

Arguably best on ball defender in the game with his stats/tendencies, top tier rim runner, knock down mid range when opponent sags, and he’s capable on catch and shoot 3s since he can get a 90 3.

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