Pink diamond magic

I wondering if it will be Duncan like time wise

Crazy. Feel bad for pd magic owners. Such an exclusive card devalued by thus


Imma say maybe 12-1 EST is the possible drop time for the code

One good thing about it, is it will be auctionable by the looks of it so I can buy it if I don’t get it.

I’d rather them not do pd magic since it kills the value for the people that paid millions for him it’s sad


Exactly if I can get one with Red Jordan dunking Shoes that’s an Insta Cop for Me

His value been down. 3 weeks ago I sold mine for 350k with a shoe and contract

Ppl better start selling him now

one this morning went for 740k lol

If it’s a mass drop he’ll be 100k

Doubt this will be a Duncan like batch. Maybe if its a brand new PD Magic but I doubt it the one rn cant get much better.

If Larry now, Bird next

Ahh doesn’t matter games over already they got their use out of him

I doubt they give PD Magic,the most expensive card in the game for free to people,im leaning more towards the chances its PD Dwight or PD Magic Shaq

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it would suck that they gave a short time frame for rose and lonzo which are outdated and most wont use and give a big drop for Magic which is superior and auctionable. BUT, its 2k

“Magic Hour.”

11:11 = Make A Wish



PD JJ Reddick

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Nah rose and Lonzo were quantity cards this one is a timed card so expect about 30-45 secs

Have you checked out Twitter?

Seems like they are hinting more towards magic