Pink Diamond Locker Code Day 2 Poll 📊

You know the drill boys!

  • James Harden
  • Ben Simmons
  • Victor Oladipo
  • Rudy Gobert
  • Louis Williams
  • Limit Reached - Failed Code

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Pulled oladipo twice, thought it was auctionable. Nope, wow

Yup they def juiced Ben this time around

Twice missed out. Limit reached

I wonder if they gave those who got the codes yesterday and today the same player? Anyone got 2 different ones?

Juiced ben odds and I get lou will eh I got dipo yesterday so its fine

Lou Will yesterday and Simmons today!!!

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wow ben looks super juiced. If I get a 2nd Gobert I will see you guys in 2k19

For those voting, please don’t vote “limit reached” if you typed the code > 1 minute after announcement

One code for me: Gobert. Faaarrrrkkkkkk


i got someone, just cant tell since so many errors, try another time

I’m in the minority smfh… can’t believe I got this bum

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Gobert yesterday
Simmons today !!


I bet @kinsman got another Harden too lol

wow congratz man!

Same as me too bad I can’t use Gobert because of offball pussys

Lucky congrats

So when I go into domnation the first screen only shows Lou as a 98, lol 2k I knew he wasnt a PD

limit reached… :frowning:

Probably the scheme or coach at times

ive seen my 97 lebron go to 98 when i put popp as my coach, and he goes back to 97 with some gold coaches