Pink Diamond Lebron

How much better are we expecting him to be over 97 with HOF limitless, the only thing I can think is that he will have HOF dimer and defensive stopper but if it’s not the Miami heat lebron, does those two badges make that much of a difference?

Slightly better D, Slightly faster, more HoF badges

Better mid-range, more badges.

I doubt it will be the Heat LeBron due to center court being the Cavaliers logo (in the teaser photo they tweeted). I doubt they are that stupid to where they’d release a Heat LeBron when they advertised the crown on the Cavs court, but then again I wouldn’t put anything past this company.

I think he’s going to be the best card 2k has ever released. I’m assuming he’s going to have 24 hof badges.

I’ve played some historic domination games few days ago tbh there are people who will pay 1m for that headband only lol. He looks better with it.


As long as he’s as OP as I’m hoping for, heck I’ll drop 4m on him.

Yea imo if it’s not Miami lebron with the headband, then I probably won’t pursue him, I got excited with Amy lebron came out because I tho he was going to have a headband, the only lebron with a headband is the emerald which at this stage is unusable

At this point I don’t even care about these “upgrades”. Even rubies are stacked with HOF badges and godly ratings this year, upgrading from, say, 97 to 98 Kobe just isn’t a big deal to me.

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I agree, I still get buckets with Amy Kobe with a shoe

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This, this, this.

I would pay personally anything, if there was a CWebb with his (for me) iconic headband look in 2002.

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Webber would look so much better with the headband,i wish we could put our own accesories to the playerz


I agree


The weird thing is, how some people change sometimes. Diamond Carter had firstly headband for me, then suddenly no and you could see that fugly head.
Emerald Lebron was similar, once in a while without headband.

Is PD Lebron coming today or tomorrow?

I think today before the Finals start.

Rodman used to have a different hair color every game in previous 2ks, can’t remember which but that was great.

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Stacey King (Historic Bulls) is the same. When I used to run him in the beginning of the year, every other game he wore a headband and the next game he wouldn’t. I thought it had something to do with Home/ Away, but it didn’t because he would wear it randomly.

Ben Wallace would have his afro for home games and his cornrows for away games too.

THIS. I have diamond kobe with white under armour curry’s and the amy kobe with red kyries did everything better than this one. Shot, dunked, etc

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