Pink Diamond League Pay To Win

I have never been in the Pink league and only meet teams already in the amy league maxed out. By that i mean teams worth over 3-5 mil coins every match, does every player pay 2000-5000$ ?

I’ve seen quite a few budget teams in the Diamond and PD league. Especially nowadays with the OP ruby and amys out there. Earlier in the season it wasn’t as visible I will say.

Same here, seen a fair amount of people with mainly Amy’s but some diamonds. Just gotta know your players strengths and how to use em

I live in sweden Europa and in my servers there is NO budget teams in sight EVER!

Seems like there’s more big spenders in foreign countries. (Not the US).

I’m in the USA east coast and I’m playing teams with 3+ pink diamonds regularly. Teams with all players 97-99 it’s a relief to even see a team with more than one amethyst lmao

I’m in Louisiana and see a lot of big spender teams as well. My team might be considered big spender too but I haven’t spent a ridiculous amount of money on this year’s game. Probably 500 dollars the entire year. I know that sounds like a lot but for the whole year that isn’t that much. Could you imagine me saying this before microtranscations came about? Saying 500 dollars on a video game isn’t that much lmao

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I know right haha. Even spending an additional $50 dollars on a video game was absurd back in the day, now it’s like eh whatever I’ll drop $500 throughout the year. Imagine going back telling them it’s not uncommon for people to drop a couple thousand on one video game lmao

I spent spent about $700 before I quit. I sold mt and made about $500 of that back tho. I’m installing 2k again right now just so I can buy Jordan packs Lol… This is my biggest knock on 2k tho. To have fun in Myteam it feels like I have to spend money. Packs are overpriced so it’s easy to spend 100’s or 1000’s

Have someone made Pink Diamond League in here with a team under 1mil coins?

Yh me

Spent 0$ on the game

That’s nearly impossible

Thats possible

Not impossible. I’ve made PD league when there’s a reward I want and my lineup is Lonzo, Drexler, Rick Barry, Unseld, Shaq, Pete, Allan Houston, Ron Artest, Kemp, and Big Z (all reward cards, 0 MT or VC spent).

That team smells like fresh 5 out lol


Not even close to being true.

I’ve made pink diamond a few times and I find the main things you need are

A pg that can drive, has dimer, and decent 3pt so Baron Davis at a minimum, a great shooter at the 2 for plays, needs 3pt plays and above 90 3pt… a tall defender and athletic all around at the 3 (LBJ or durant etc) Tall 4 that’s either an elite defender or solid Offense Ad or Karl, and centre depending on play style. U don’t need a player that has 95 across the board and waste so much MT. Baylor statistically is great but his height let’s him down IMO. I go up against a few twitch teams and if your playing a guy based on skill and not a 5 outter. Then I believe this is the go. You feel like your actually playing a real game lol
My lineup now is
97 Westbrook/Redd/LBJ/Malone/Cousins
Oladipo/Mitch Rich/Finley/porzingis/ sabonis. I run about 7 different plays through out the game, I lose to 5 outters only.

How much MT you have? I seriously feel like diamond Melo is a must. I haven’t found a better scoring option yet.