Pink Diamond KG Gameplay - Too Many Moves

Haven’t done one of these in a while. Tried out KG and was having so much fun that i decided to show how i use him. Feel free to pick up some of my moves from the video. I’m having a blast with this card.

My main offensive attack with KG is in the High Post. High post with him is deadly because you have so many options out of it. Once you get him in the high post(FT line elbow) you can:

  1. Post spin(hof post spin plus lots of room to complete the spin)
  2. Post hop shot
  3. Faceup and drive to the rim with a hopstep or Euro
  4. Back down and drop step
  5. Post fade
  6. Post stepback into shot or drive
  7. Back down into a shimmy hook
  8. Fake spin into post stepback

Things i LOVE about this card:

  • With him being 6’11 he can easily post spin most PFs(since they are usually shorter).
  • He also has 100 standing dunk tendency so if you can back down a smaller player and dropstep, he goes up for the dunk a lot.
  • Athletic and runs the floor like crazy. He beats a lot of guys down the court in transition.
  • Absolute ELITE defender. HOF def stopper and rim protector and high lateral quickness allow him to guard 1-5 easily.
  • BIG frame on the court. You notice that 6’11 frame on rebounds and when he’s protecting the rim.
  • Pick and Fade is really good. His 3pt shooting is high enough where you can’t leave him.

Things I dont like:

  • His post fade creates no separation at all. In the video notice I mainly do post hop shots instead of fades because his fade animation is pretty bad. I hope they can update this.
  • Low speed w/ball so he’s not gonna lead the break like he did in real life on the Wolves. I imagine his Anniversary card will have this corrected though(hopefully).

I’m actually fine with his jumpshot. Yes its on the slower side, but i think people are so used to Base 11 and fast jumpers that they cannot appreciate a solid jumpshot anymore. His jumper is solid to me. Its easy to time and i’ve been getting lots of greens once he has the space. You should be taking open shots in this game anyways lol.

For the guys that like to play old school bully ball down on the block, this card is a must have. His post move animations are great, besides the post fade. I did a full MTU run testing KG as the main scorer and went 11-1. I got him to Post/Rim takeover with Pop and the Southbeaches. He put in work vs the usual popular PFs such as Blake, AD, Giannis, Jamison, Kuzma, Issel, AK-47. The guys that gave me trouble were guys with HOF Def Stopper like Opal Malone, PD Duncan, and PD Siakam. But he still put up decent numbers even vs those guys.

Great card for us post gods. Probably not the card for people that want to ISO or dribble to get open/attack the rim. It feels so good putting in post work with KG though. Since the anny is coming out, i’d say this one is worth around 200k-250k tops. Can’t wait for the anny now!


Great one bro! :innocent:

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You got some nasty post moves man…

You might raise his price by 100k with this video :joy:

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Always love these , wish you would do one for KD bro !


Man I wouldn’t wanna defend you in the post even w my Malone sheesh

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Well damn @EarvGotti …I like the post now I have to figure if I want to drop the Mt on him

Your thoughts on him vs AD ?

I’m trying to tell people @EarvGotti

Glad you’re helping show people the light. KG is legit. Great card!

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Amazing post moves! I think I’ll pick him up when I get home now lol

Finally a video where someone doesn’t try to use KG like porzingis :+1:t4: I’ll definitely be grabbing him tonight


Is the top of the key ISO with C at dunker’s spot you’re running ISO 1 angle for Pip but without passing to him?

Insanely good work, as always!

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Him and AD are very similar. I’d say AD for more offense, KG for more defense. I think KG may be better in the post because of his height and badges


I’m running a Post High play for KG to get him to that spot. The spacing is nice too

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Do you actually like the Glove better than Magic, or you just like trying a different Guard than everyone else is using?

I dont think that the problem with kg is base 11. People have hated his shot for years now. Nice video though

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I like that move where you fake back shoulder spin into a quick hook shot (1:10 and 2:00).

Seems like an great post move for off-ball but I see you only got a light contest even with on-ball def.

Does an opponent playing hands-up post defense ever get a heavy contest on this shot without jumping?

I’m trying to bring the hook shot back into my bag of post tricks.

If you get good separation, then they will have to jump for it to be a heavy contest. That’s why i do the fake first to throw them off balance. It works on the CPU good.

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Really wish 2K would bring back the running jump hook in the lane


As per usual, one of the best gameplays out there.

There are dozens of copy/paste youtubers that just do jumpshots, pick/pops and alleys, maybe some fades when they make gameplays.
I don’t wanna see that shit, every card can do that, I want to see the variety of moves.
And almost noone shows defensive highlights.

Great post skills, I’d like to see some fade fakes into up unders. People jump like crazy whenever they see fade animation.


I love the post game and it looks a lot like how I use the mailman. I notice that swb though. His height would seem to make up for some of that. Those post escapes are killer with guys like Malone and Petit. They both have less than ideal stand still post fade animations which forces you to use other post techniques to dominate

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Just tried him

He is…



Animations are ridiculously bad, he gets stopped in the post by PD Magic.
For 150k I would say why not but 300k is a no no