PD KD Gameplay

Pink Diamond Kevin Duranrt is in my oppinion way better than his 98 card. HoF Posterizer makes him so OP and is almost imposible to stop.

Shooting: Mid-ranges are amazing, cause you know it´s KD, he rarely misses in that area. Three pointers are amazing too, but he can miss wide open ones if you miss his release just a litlle, so you have to learn his release and you are good.

Defense: Nothing special…With his long hand he can block shots or steal the ball, but he isn´t some amazing defensive player

Driving: As I said, HoF Posterizer makes him amazing and when he has a lane to the basket and maybe one player in front of it, he will simply poster him. Layups are also good, but sometimes he gets weird animations and misses beacuse of it.

In my oppinion he is one of the best cards in the game, if you got him use him if you don´t have him try to get him.

If you have any other questions about the card, just simply ask :wink:

4 back to back to back to back dunks? Yeah, I need him.

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Can you expound upon your opinion of his defense a bit more man? Alot of the upgrades over the 98 focus on that side of the ball and offensively there simply wasn’t much to improve with a 99 in how the 98 plays regardless of stats

I have the 98 and I think he’s an outstanding defender.

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Wat camera angle do you use? @ProBallers

I think it´s 2k camera with 10zoom