Pink diamond Jokic?

40/10/8 right now with 30 seconds left. Career high is 41


Yeah why not !! If Nurkic can get one ! :slight_smile: JK

Jokic been schooling Nurkic all game

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Not sure it’s enough for a PD. He’s probably going to get another diamond similar to the last one. But monster game from Jokic. I think 50 points would guarantee him a PD.

Haha yeah he is leagues ahead

Better game than Kuzma’s

Please 86 ball control and HOF dimer. I NEED IT


True, but Kuzma plays for the Lakers. You know Lakers and Warriors players get all the love. Maybe they give Jokic the Pink Diamond, but seeing that they never gave Embid, AD and Giannis moments triple doubles yet idk.

Mmm, Kuz scored 41 in three quarters man. Not to take anything away from Jokic, I love the dude, but Kuz coulda scored 60 if the game wasn’t a blowout

Speculation. He also could’ve missed his next 10 shots. Never know

41/3, then times 4, does not equal 60. Nice try though. 19 in the fourth quarter, when he’d play less minutes than he did in the third, would be way too much to ask/expect of Kuzma.

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Nuggs 2 possible allstars this year combine for 64 points in the win. Gonna be a great 1/2 punch for years

1* possible.

Give me a break, @YOSEMITE_HAM. Not to be an ass, but Murray doesn’t have a real chance.

Jokic finished with 40-10-8, not sure he gets a PD. Maybe a better diamond though.

Seeing that the Nuggets are the most consistent team in basketball right now, but still lack true superstar power outside of Jokic. Do you think the Nuggets make a trade before the deadline? Nuggets have a lot of depth. Trading for another scorer could be beneficial come playoff time.

Chuck and Kenny both said on tnt if Nuggs stay in first than they deserve 2 allstars. I’m not the only one that thinks it’s possible. Didn’t say it was a lock. Jokic is a lock though

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Unfortunately the players/coaches picks will round out the reserves.

So regardless if they are deserving, it’s more unlikely.

I don’t think Jamal makes it THIS season. I have no doubt he’s a future Allstar though and maybe deserves a couple coach votes this year.

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Nice Stretch Big who actually runs at the 3 point area!!

Personally I don’t make a trade this season
It’s not like it’s championship or bust this year for Nuggs. They’re the second youngest team in the league. This year is just their breakout party and putting the league on notice that they’re a perennial contender in the west for the next 7 years with this core. I say they ride out this season with the roster they have, decline Millsaps team option for next year and shoot their shot at one of the free agents this year with the 35 million they’ll have in cap. Then resign Paul at a discount. That’s what I’d do if I were GM. Also I truly believe that Murray will be a borderline superstar in this league. Kid is a 21 year old gym rat with the competitive fire you can’t teach. He’s already become one of the leagues best closers in tight games.