Pink diamond Dr j

Why is he so cheap? Anyone have him and love him/have and hate him?

He’s good. No plays though. ISO quick 32=buckets though.

Just make sure you drive in with your Pg while u do that iso play

Dr J is good but he has the Curry lay up package which is sus. I personally think PD Kawhi is better than dr j.

I tried him out and wasn’t super impressed, played about the same as the Amy for me - Which is well, but you’d expect a reasonably large jump between the two.

Had the Amy for ages with jordan bc shoe and loved him. Pulled pd and maybe should’ve kept the amy

For some reason the Amy Dr J with Jordans (open 3 and acceleration) seems way more fluid, agile, fast, and consistent for me than the PD with Curry Highs (3, acceleration, speed with ball). I don’t know if it’s the added equalizer due to the PDs high attribute total or what, but I sold it and went back to the amethyst. The PD also seemed to trigger lame layup animations instead of dunks far too often, which is not a problem for the amethyst. That PD honestly feels broken to me.

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