Pink Diamond Dr. J Attributes/Badges

AKA Otis Thorpe

HOF Stopper :flushed:


He should have at least 90 swb :confused:


I just hope he has the fro and not the same boring player model as the Amy and Ruby.


If there’s a shoe with contested 3, SWB, BC, and steal, I"m all about it. I don’t think there is one that contains all four, though.

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Card looks sick af tbh lol.
Hof stopper posterizor and ds makes him good all year.

this card is awkward as hell

why does 2k list him at 6’6 instead of 6’7

if the animations and release are nice he could be really solid. 6’6 is tall enough to have HOF D stop activate on the tmacs, KDs, pg13s etc. a shoe and coach could fix any stats u personally want and acrobat and relentless are solid

Kyrie or cp3 is the perfect shoe

Great at the 2 spot if you are not worried about 3pt plays

Big afro or riot


His release is always one of the best. I constantly green with his amethyst.

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It’s also short enough that it should activate on Curry/Kyrie/RWB, no?

I believe so. Im not sure if him being a SF affects that tho

That’s what I’m trying to remember. I think a Ben Wallace gave my Hedo problems once… they’re in the same height range, and two positions off.

When can we get him im still at work

I think tomorrow if im not mistaken

Ya tmr morning

Tomorrow at 1pm EST

Thanks guys I know I’m not playing for a couple of days to avoid the real cheese plus I’m on call at work I’ll get dr Monday or Tuesday lol

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That’s what I’m telling myself, but the reality is I’m going to go 10-0 and 6-0 first. Maybe a 7-0, 8-0, 4-0… until I break through and get him. Lol