Pink Diamond Dirk price is dropping as fast as Baron’s

Pink Diamond Dirk is already down to 130k on Xbox one and theirs probably about 100 dirks up right now. I’m expecting him to hit bin soon what do y’all think

Arguably the best shooting 4 in the game being buy now I’ll take It I’ll sell my Malone with Curry’s to get him

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He’ll be a solid buy now on PS4 by this time tomorrow.

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Good luck trying to sell anyone in this crash. I thought it was bad the other day and couldn’t get any worse and today is even worse than that. Literally no one has value except Wilt Kareem and Lebron

I saw a few malones today at 50k LOL

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But with Diamond Curry’s and Contract

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Hmm i see one with diamond Curry’s on Xbox for 90k but he’s been up for 2 hours already and hasn’t sold

I got one with a shoe for a buck 50. Card is legit tho. This dirk can defend


This dirk WILL play for my supermax team. I just scored 89 and 11 boards on my home boy with him.

What’s his price at on PS4? @anon11689187


Another card that’s underrated.

Shawn Kemp. Put a curry on him and he’s stupid. I’ve been dropping with him
In supermax. I’m 12-4 this season.

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The amethyst or diamond?

Speaking of price dropping… This happened.


That should be illegal :exploding_head: @BIXBI were u just resetting the filter over And over

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Somebody thought it was the Amy…


I just search pd buy now. I’ve seen at least 10 dirks in the last hour or so. Missed one for 50k earlier.

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You sniped one for 15k?!


It’s a snipers playground out there right now lol.